Otto To’a is a dedicated and skilled member of the A & K Thomson Limited team, providing invaluable support in the realms of personal computing, hardware, and networking. As a proud member of the Tongan community, Otto brings a rich cultural perspective that enhances our diverse and inclusive team.

Otto holds a Diploma in Computer Hardware from the Manukau Institute of Technology, equipping him with the technical knowledge to troubleshoot hardware issues and ensure the smooth operation of our computing resources. His expertise extends to the management of network systems, where he ensures optimal performance and connectivity.

In his role as Project Support, Otto provides the technical backbone to our various initiatives, ensuring that our hardware and networking systems are performing at their best. His ability to quickly diagnose and resolve issues reduces downtime and enhances productivity, making him an essential part of our team.

Otto’s commitment to excellence and his passion for technology make him an integral part of our operations at A & K Thomson Limited. His contributions ensure our technological resources are efficient, reliable, and ready to support our mission.