Jorja Thomson is a Samoan / Kiwi creative powerhouse leading the Multi-Media Design at A & K Thomson Limited. Currently in the process of earning her Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication, Jorja displays an innate understanding of visual storytelling and design principles.

From the conception of an idea to its final execution, Jorja applies her innovative perspective and technical expertise to every project she undertakes. With a keen eye for detail, she excels in creating engaging, visually compelling content that not only resonates with the audience but also reinforces the brand’s identity and messaging.

In her role as Lead Multi-Media Designer, Jorja plays a crucial role in shaping the visual aspects of our company’s marketing efforts. She works closely with our marketing and business development teams to create a wide variety of media content, including graphics, videos, and interactive materials, for our digital and print campaigns.

Jorja’s creativity, combined with her developing expertise in visual communication, continues to push the boundaries of our company’s visual branding, contributing significantly to our reputation as a forward-thinking and innovative consultancy service provider.