Fehi Lafaele is a dynamic and forward-thinking leader at A & K Thomson Limited, where she spearheads STEM-focused initiatives, particularly in Network Design and Rocketry Programmes. Hailing from Tonga, Fehi brings a wealth of cultural insight and diverse perspective to our team.

Armed with a Master’s degree in IT/Services from the Auckland University of Technology, Fehi’s technical acumen is matched by her strategic vision and leadership skills. Her ability to seamlessly blend technology with practical applications has been instrumental in the execution and success of numerous projects under her leadership.

At the heart of Fehi’s role is a commitment to using science and technology as a catalyst for change and progress. Through her work in STEM and Network Design, Fehi has been able to influence and inspire a new generation of innovators and thinkers.

In addition, Fehi’s expertise extends to our Rocketry Programme, where she leads the design and development of high-powered rockets. Her ability to manage complex projects, coupled with her passion for technology and space exploration, has been a driving force behind the programme’s success.

Fehi is an integral part of A & K Thomson Limited, contributing not only her vast technical expertise but also her passion for innovation and her commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.