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About A & K Thomson Ltd.

A proudly Maori & Pasifika owned freelance agency that specialises in business and  well-being pastoral care.

Our package Helps your business in:

  • Advice and Planning Support
  • Support to Implement Advice and Planning  Digital Marketing Services
  • Health and Wellbeing Support  Business Community Resources  Business Management Services  Project Management Services
  • Accounting Book Keeping and Transaction Advisory  Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan  Internal Control Assessment
  • Business Process Flow Documentation

& Many More…coaching, mentoring and .

Why A & K Thomson Ltd?

Allow our seasoned and multi-award winning team to handle  some of the tasks you don’t have time for. Whether you require  an accountant, strategic planning, or business plan preparation,  grants or tender completed or reviewed, or perhaps you require a  website and business digitisation.We’ve got you covered! Our  team provides a comprehensive suite of virtual business  services, allowing you to sleep soundly knowing that your work  is being completed.

With our many years of experience and our in-house developed  service structure, we are the ideal partner for companies that  want to go the extra mile. We think along with you, but are  occasionally a bit stubborn when necessary. By understanding  the organization and activities of our customers, we can truly  tailor our solutions.

The proposal

What we can do for you depends on the service you want to purchase. First  of all, we sit down with you to discuss your wishes and goals. Are these  clear and do we understand each other well? Then we will look for the right  advisor to help you. We will link you to an expert and experienced advisor  who will help you with your request for help.

Personal contact

You will receive a direct contact, so you can count on a fast service at all  times and we are always ready for you. The number of hours for which the  expert advisor has been hired can be found on the quotation. You will  receive an overview of the hours worked per month, so you will not be  faced with surprises later.

Concrete solution

Your advisor gives you advice, concrete and feasible solutions and also  takes care of the implementation. In the meantime and at the end of the  services provided, an evaluation takes place, so you can indicate whether  you are satisfied with the service or whether you would like to see  changes. We adapt the service to your wishes.

Exceeding expectations

With us by your side, you don’t have to lie awake all night, we take care of  you and give you the best possible advice or help. The driven consultants  ensure that the project is successfully completed and together with you  realize results that exceed expectations.


All work has been carefully budgeted on the basis of the description of the  work to be performed in this proposal. Interim changes and / or additions  to the work are discussed in good time in mutual consultation with the  client and any additional costs are made transparent.

Mentioned rates are exclusive of GST, postage, printing, travel and courier  costs. Invoicing takes place in several installments: 50% upon issuing of  the assignment, 40% upon first delivery, the remaining amount upon  completion of work by means of partial invoices.

Why us ?

Pragmatic cooperation, a  high degree of  professionalism and great  expertise are words with  which we describe our  services and actions.

Thanks to our broad  knowledge, we can always  deliver the best results  for your issues and we  exceed your expectations.

With us you will always get a fixed point of contact,  so you can call your advisor at any time for advice  or if you have a question. The driven consultants  ensure that the project is successfully completed  and together with you realize results that exceed  expectations.

All projects are carried out within budget and within  the set time frame. You can also view the progress  at all times, so that you are never faced with  surprises.

As a trusted partner, our company supports various  diverse organizations with various issues. With the  best match for your question, we provide strategic  advice to implementation for a variety of issues.


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